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Why we enjoy the process!

The process of bringing a vision to life while on set has to be one of the most enjoyable for us. Watching the story unfold shot by shot in live time, there’s no greater feeling. Don’t have an idea for your story/video? We work side by side with you to birth the vision necessary to optimally execute your goals, short due dates and rising costs are no obstacle to receiving high quality content for you business or brand.

 First step is to e-mail us! Give us insight to what you are working on and or looking to create.  Or you can fill out this form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours! After we chat, we’ll begin the process as follows.


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Phase One:

Approximately we spend about 1-2 weeks on developing the creative and scripting aspects of the video . In this phase, we also create a draft script so you can give notes and feedback back to us.. Then, we work with you to make sure we have covered all areas of the project so s to suit your goal.

Then we start developing the team, our schedule, book locations and cover all other areas required for pre production in order to effortlessly execute the vision, this process usually takes about 2 weeks. This is a process that is taken care of completely with in Cramedy Studios.


Phase Two:

We are out on the field filming during this phase.


Phase Three:

This is the editing phase, a process that takes roughly 2-3 weeks, where we transcode and process all files/footage and begin the cutting together of the story. All while sending you a few short and long cuts as we go so you may give notes/feedback on them. This phase includes all other aspects such as animation, special effects color correction, texts, VFX, music etc…