Cramedy is what happens when you mix Passion, Creativity and Magic!


Victor Andres

Co Founder and Head of Production

Victor has several years of experience in writing, directing, producing and editing for viral content in social media, short and feature length films as well as TV shows. Carrying 10 years of acting experience has developed him into an excellent visionary for creative development, a know how with communicating with actors. He has directed and written several short films and commercials all of which have received high praise and recognition from fellow colleagues and the film community.


Panama Redd

Co Founder and Head of Business Development

Panama Redd attended the University of Maryland where he majored in finance and minored in theater. During his time there he was Entertainment Editor for the school news paper and co-hosted on their urban show radio show. After graduation, he contributed to several financial institution such as The Department of Commerce and Fannie Mae. Later he returned to New York city to focus on media where he became a member of the Screen Actors guild and the America Federation for Television and Radio artist.


Steven Gomez

Co Founder and Head of Writing Department

Steven has extensive and detailed writing capabilities some ranging from web series to full length feature films and every where in between. Having been a content creator for over the past 5 years Steven is well versed in what is needed to execute a powerful scripts. In his roster you will find completed projects such as:

  • "The Internet Police"

  • "Vilified Banker"

  • "Wild Pat"

    and many more...